Solar Thermal

Nevada City 1 , Boulder City, NV

Nevada City 1, Boulder City, NV

E8 Energy has experience in the development of solar thermal projects and in the research and development of new thermal technologies.  As a partner with Innovative Design ( Sustainable Arechitectural Firm ) and Solargenix Energy ( Solar Thermal Developer ). E8 Energy has the ability to work with clients to develop Solar Thermal Projects ranging from Utiltiy Scale Power Projects to Commercial Scale Heating and Cooling Projects.  We have access to low temperature (180F), mid temperature (380F), and high temperature (750F).

CSP 'Concentrated Solar Power'  that is being widely commercialized. The CSP market has seen about 740 MW megawatts of generating capacity added between 2007 and the end of 2010.  More then half of this (about 478 MW) was installed during 2010, bringing the global total to 1095 MW.  Spain added 400 MW in 2010, taking the global lead with a total of 632 MW, while the US ended the year with 509 MW after adding 78 MW including two fossil - CSP hybrid plants.