Operations and Maintenance Services

E8 Energy offers its O & M Services to maximize a power plant’s performance throughout its service life.  Our mission is to provide ongoing operational and maintenance services for commercial and utility photovoltaic systems.  We have the ability to monitor your systems and to immediately send out our highly experienced solar technicians if any problems are detected or to provide regular scheduled maintenance.

Real-time Plant Monitoring

  • Up to the minute remote monitoring of plant data

  • Event detection and communication

  • Data collection and reporting

  • Weather impact analysis

  • Immediate dispatch of solar technicians upon fault detection

Preventative Maintenance

  • Inspection and maintenance of solar equipment per manufacturer’s specification

  • Regularly scheduled on-site inspections and diagnostics

  • Spare part and inventory management

  • Infrared imaging or equipment and terminations

  • Reports of all maintenance activities

Warranty and Service Claims Management

  • Manage equipment warranties and repairs

  • Interface with manufactures in support of claims