• E8 Energy provides LED Lighting in the following services
    • Street Lighting
    • High Bay Lighting
    • Sign Lighting
    • Wall Packs
    • Track Lighting
    • Office Lighting
    • LED Freezer Case Lighting and Retrofits
    • Parking lot and parking garage
    • Available in low voltage and line voltage applications


  • Benefits in LED Lighting Retrofits
    • Increased Energy Savings
    • Utility Rebates - Led Lighting Retrofits yield the largest rebates
    • Federal Tax Rebates (EPACT) for retrofitting to LED Lights
    • Quality Installation - E8 Energy has the most experienced and knowledgeable employees to get the job done right, the first time
    • LED Lights provide customers with instant cold start
    • Increase your light levels without having to add anymore light fixtures
    • Employees and customers
      • They provide a better work enviroment, improved safety, and will increase employee's productivity
      • It will impress you customers and communicate quality to them
    • Life Cycle - LED Lights us 75% less energy and last 35 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.  Which will dramatically reduce your maintenance costs in replacing other types of bulbs
    • Produces no heat which will also save on your office cooling loads
    • Lastly, they are better for the enviroment.  They contain no mercury and reduce your carbon footprint


Our Typical Turn-Key / Design Model:


Educate and Learn

  • We have our clients rank their priorities including costs, energy and maintenance savings, enviroment concerns, safety, and brightness
  • We take the time to understand your objectives, timeline, and our process


Site Assessment

  • We include an audit with on-site data, utility bills, drawings, and lists of materials


Comprehensive Analysis

  • We provide a Technical, Financial, and Enviromental Analysis
  • Our software will provide a detailed photometric assessment, rebate and tax incentive guidance, and detailed enviromental and financial breakdowns


Recommend Solutions

  • We provide our customers with the right light retrofit solution
  • Provide a price which includes labor, material, recycling, project management, rebate admin., and warranty support


Installation and Project Management

  • We will work per your schedule to minimize disruptions and get the job done safely and quickly
  • We will issue daily or weekly progress reports


Post Installation Support

  • We will help you with your rebates and tax certifications
  • Supply you with manufacturer warranties and our company warranty