Hydroponic Green Houses

Hydroponically grown plants can be provided with exact amount of water needed - not a drop more, not a drop less.  In fact, the water use efficiency of hydroponics is astoundingly high - a properly designed hydroponic setup will use 10% of the water it would take to grow in soil outdoors.  Hence, we are using 90% less water to grow the same plant in soil outdoors.

Hydroponically grown plants require much less land surface.  Plants can be stacked or even placed on multiple story buildings, with extreme efficiency - a hydroponic greenhouse can produce as much plant matter as a conventional field 10 times the size.

Hydroponics require no soil whatsoever, meaning that farming can be done in areas with poor or even no soil.

Hydroponic farms can be located wherever power and water are cheap, and can be placed in close proximity to the demand for the crop, reducing or even eliminating shipping costs.  If we can include a biomass plant we can provide the cheap electricity needed to run and heat and cool the building.

Because hydroponic greenhouses are environmentally controlled, the need for herbicide and pesticide are eliminated.  which also puts hydroponic farming towards organic classification without any extra effort on the part of the farmer.